Saturday, June 02, 2007

As the dust settles...

Well, until Monday, that is. I think I have 2 more pairs of shorties to stock at FEAST- 3 if I can really get those needles cooking and can convince Kyle to take Henry on some sort of day trip tomorrow. We'll see.

Henry and I just got back from a grand adventure. Actually, it was a morning of yard sale-ing and boring shopping, but I somehow managed to convince him we were pirates looking for treasure. Unfortunately, we scored nothing at the yard sales. I guess that after my amazing rag rug score last weekend I am due for a little dry spell. Eh. Kyle is proctoring the SATs at the high school where he teaches. I'm sure he's having a blast. Poor guy. I guess I should probably like, clean the house or something. But I have been busy being piratey and answering emails and things.

This afternoon we are going to Henry's bud McKai's 3rd birthday party. We are going to get to see a bunch of wee friends that we haven't been able to get together with recently since Henry's been in school. I think I am just as excited as he is. I miss my mamas!

In Crankypants news- insanity!!! I think I pretty much have the list down. I had to share an email with you guys that cracked. me. up. I think this might be the first Papa email I've gotten and you can just hear the fatherly enthusiasm and raging excitement over having to email for a custom slot:

"ok to get my wifr off my back heres a emial trying to get a custom slot. she even has me refreshing on hyena cart at this point.
oh and she said I had t tell you she wants longies."

Are you guys out there hounding your poor husbands about Crankypants? Chaining them to the computer and forcing them to stalk for you? Is this revenge for having to sit through countless basketball games and pretending to be excited about the new camping headlamp he just bought? Okay, maybe that's just me. But seriously, who needs more than one headlamp? How cool can a headlamp actually be and why does my husband keep talking about it? ANYWAY. It made me smile of course. Too bad now he has to listen to his wife talk about her Crankypants order all month. If it makes you feel better, Papa, think about the Crankypants talk my poor dear husband has to endure. It's absolutely inhumane.

And your blog comments have been so awesome to read! If you guys read my blog on a regular basis, comment dernit! It gets lonely out here writing into the abyss.


Keitha said...

My dear husband is also tired of hearing of crankypants. Hmm..having him stalk? What a wonderful idea. *insert evil laugh*

Mandy, wool addict & Supermom said...

My DH would be about equally thrilled if I made him stalk for me. LOL too funny.

Anonymous said...

LOL Amy. i just read it to him and he's all embarrased, since I told him that everyone husbands stalk for them! BAHAHAH! that'll teach him to make look at putters for days on end only to never get a new one! Thanks for publishing his email, just re-reading made me giggle.!

( aka the girl who forces her husband to hang out on hyena cart!

amy. said...

Lindy-with mine it's electronics. Every time I see him on the Circut City website my hands start to sweat but he has yet to actually buy anything.

If you ever get an email that says something like:

"Your pant thingies will be in the mail someday soon. They're kinda green with a pointy thing on them."

you know I've begun to let my husband do my work for me.

Anonymous said...

LOL, mine went through an electronics pahase, maybe it's beacuse I'm a girl or I just don't care but i swear a speaker is just that a speaker!
I'll keep my eye out for that kind of email, I'd be confused but my husnabd would completely understand what he was talking about!


Anonymous said...

This makes me laugh out loud I thought I was the only one that made my husband sit on hyena cart Friday morning refreshing while he was at work mind you. Trying to tell him what to do over the phone was FUN I know he thinks I'm crazy because in his mind they are just pants. Hey just think it is a team effort. What are wonderful husband do for us. :)

Too funny...


Laje Kahr said...

hehe my dh wont stalk for me but he lets me use his blog info (I can't remember mine :() Hmm mabey I can convince him to help me stalk one of these days :D