Sunday, May 20, 2007


I'm supposed to be cleaning the house right now. I needed a little time in the house by myself so I told Kyle that if he took Henry out for a long hike I'd clean. But first... a little procrastination.

The weather has been beautiful this weekend (after a weird frost that made me pull my tomato, pepper and herb plants in on Friday night) so we have been trying to stay out in the sunshine.

Friday night we went over to a friend's house for dinner. Henry had a blast running around with his buddy Noah, I talked with my friend Anthony about a website revamp and got to have a beer and some quality chat time with one of my favorite mamas, Jessie of Quilt Baby. Henry even gave me the special treat of falling asleep in the car on the way home and staying asleep during the carseat-to-bed transfer. Unfortunately, when I went to close the van door, I realized why an almost-4 year-old + van + gravel driveway+ love of drawing = baaaaaaaaaad news. One whole side of the van- passenger door, sliding door and back quarter panel- are completely covered with scribbles that Henry used a rock from the driveway to carve into the paint. Saturday morning when he woke up I took him out there to ask if he did it.

Me: Let me show you something, sweetie.
Henry: What?
Me: See all of these scribbles here on the van?
Henry: Yeah, that's my picture for you!
Me: You drew a picture on the side of the car with a rock?
Henry: Yup, it's for you! It's a scary picture of a flying teddy bear!

Ugh. I had to explain that I love it when he draws me pictures on paper and if he ever wants to draw to ask for some paper or a chalkboard but that he can never draw on the car again. He said he was sorry and he seemed to get it, but who knows. His crazy little brain is a mystery to me the majority of the time.

After that little talk we went for a 3 mile or so hike up off the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was woooonderful to be outside away from the computer and yarn and business and end of grade testing and everything else.

I also finished Megan's winky monster longies:

Okay. Apples in Stereo just came on my ITunes. I think that is a sign that I should get off my bum and get a cleanin'. I need to finish setting up my mean, basement office. Impeccable organization here I come!

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jesseca said...

I still can't get over the fact that Henry did that Amy!!! Such a little artist he is.....