Wednesday, May 16, 2007

May, May, May...

Finally! My first batch of May orders is going out today.

We have Samantha's crazy monster shorties:

Her daughter designed them for her little brother. I was going to post a side by side of the shorties and the hand drawn picture she sent me, but I was waiting for her permission to post her drawing first.

Next up is Angelika's pair of monster longies. I love the colors she picked out and I rolled the cuff for her instead of doing my usual seed stitch.

And a fabulous, mysterious, super duper Abracadabra Magic Yarn ball. Who knows what could be inside...a set of stitch markers? A fuzzy new puppy? We shall have to wait and see...

I am about halfway through the booty of Megan's bright green and pink longies, so I hope to be able to post pictures of them sometime this week. YeeeHaaaaaaw!

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