Friday, May 25, 2007

Schoooooool's Out For Summer...

...for Henry anyway. His last day is today, so I am trying to revel in the last few hours I have in an empty house before these 4 uninterrupted work hours disappear forevermore. Don't get me wrong, I love hanging out with my wee beastie. It just isn't very conducive to productivity. His preschool had "graduation" on Tuesday. There is only one graduate going on to Kindy next year, the rest of them are "underclassmen" and will be back for one more year in August.

Here is Henry picking up his Superlative Certificate:

He was voted "Most Likely to Be a World Traveler" because he excels at Spanish and gets along with everyone on the playground. Go Henry!

Speaking of productivity...

I finished Keitha's super grump monster shorts. Grrrrrr! Unibrow Power!

I also finished the first set I will be stocking at FEAST on June 4th.

The alligator tee was made by one of my favorite mama-friends, Jessie from Quilt Baby . It is size 18 months and is lap style for easy on and off over big ole baby melons.

The shorties were hand knit with luuuurve using BFL hand dyed by Lindsay of Ky Baby Knits in the "Bluegrass" colorway. They are so soft it is ridiculous and the colors are amazing. They are a pretty solid Medium.

Okay, back to the list. Mandy-you can expect (hopefully) pictures of your rainbow monster by the end of the weekend.


jesseca said...

They look fabulous together!!!

Teneik said...

The grumpy monster shorties with the unibrow look just like my husband in the morning! haha, great job!