Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers' Day!!!

Happy Mothers' Day, mamas!

Yesterday was a bit of a stressful one. I brought all of the recyclables to LEAF for the workshop, but we couldn't get a hold of a golf cart to bring them in to the site so we ended up being late. That meant that the sign up sheet that was supposed to be there wasn't. By the time got there a workshop for 20 had turned into a performance and workshop for about 50. Oops. Billy Jonas was amazing. He got on stage and performed a few songs to give us time to regroup and then gracefully led more than twice the number of children he had expected in making and playing their own instruments. Amazing. Here is Henry playing along with Billy on his "drum set".

And proudly holding it up with all the other kids to show the adults and late comers.

Henry and his friend Sam, now dubbed "big Sam" since the arrival of his cousin "baby Sam".

The woman who I work for at LEAF is married to Artimus Pyle, who some of you might recognize as the drummer of Leonard Skynard. He played at the festival yesterday with a group of homeschool kids and I had the surreal experience of rocking Henry to sleep while listening to him play Freebird. Those kids must have had a blast. Their parents must have a had a blast, seeing their kids play on stage with the drummer of such an iconic band. Shhhh, don't wake Spiderman...

Mid afternoon, someone climbed into the creek and started balancing rocks. A crowd gathered and it became kind of a performance piece and before we knew it all of these kids had hopped in the creek right along side this artist and started making their own rock sculptures. It was pretty awesome.

And my favorite picture of yesterday:

Well, it is time for me to get my act together and get us dressed and ready to go back out there for our last day. My kids are supposed to come and perform with Billy Jonas today. I am crossing my fingers that at least a few show up.

I hope that all of you have an amazingly wonderful Mothers' Day. I hope that you are showered with appreciation. And if for some reason you aren't, I want you to know that I appreciate all of you as mothers. You are raising the children that will make up the members of the world community my son will inherit when I'm gone. Thank you. And to my own mama. Well, you know I love you. And appreciate you. And cannot wait until the day you finally convince Daddy to quit his job so you can move down here and open up our yarn store/ yoga studio for people who only wish they did yoga/ knitting for world domination headquarters. Someday...

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anniebel said...

Sweetie Pie,
As usual you bring tears to my eyes oh wise one at such a young age! (always was wise from Henry's age!)The picture are beeautiful. I see you managed to get the little man to wear my sweater! I'm amazed. I miss you guys so much. Can't wait to see you again. You are an amazing Mama and Henry is very fortunate in deed to have such great parents. Someday he will actually express his appreciation and it will touch your heart deeply. Until then let me acknowledge your greatness as a Mom!! Happy Mothers Day! May you all be as lucky as I am.