Thursday, April 12, 2007


The house I am staying in right now is one of those super hugemongous beach houses on stilts on the edge of the ocean. It is beautiful. During the day we can actually sit on the front porch and watch dolphins jumping in the water. At night we sleep in what the in laws call "the lighthouse room". Not only is it decorated with a lighthouse theme, but one of the two big beds in the room sits on the far ocean side surrounded by windows in a turret-like thingie. That is the bed that henry sleeps in, so he can look up at the stars and listen to the ocean while he falls asleep. This morning at around 4am we had the most fabulous thunderstorm. Thunder and lightning, wind and rain, the whole nine yards. I ran over to Henry's bed and pulled all of the windows closed, then climbed under the covers thinking he was probably a little freaked out by the shaking and flashing. "It's okay", I told him, "It's just a storm". My little boy looked up at me with his big blue eyes, stretched out a tiny arm and replied "No, Mommy. Your bed is over there". So much for needing comfort. Pth.

We had a beautiful day yesterday, so I didn't knit very much. We went to the pool, where Henry jumped into an innertube all by himself. He still isn't the slightest bit interested in going underwater, but he could spend all day in that pool, floating around with the tiny little Strawberry Shortcake innertube he found poolside around his waist. We also went off-island for the first time since we've gotten here to a little local fish place. It is an old post office that has turned into a half museam/ half fish dive. There was a group of 80 somethings up in front playing bluegrass and it felt pretty much like we were back home. Except that the fish was good.

I have finished the Mahar Monster Longies and Sarah's super girly monster shorties. I have another pair of shorts on the needles, but I don't have my list with me, so I can't remember which customer goes with which shorts. They are navy monsters. Today is out last day here so I plan on being out and about and soaking up every ray of sunshine I can before we head out in the morning. I probably won't be updating again until I get back to NC. Cross your fingers that Henry's fish are still alive.

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