Sunday, April 08, 2007


We made it!

I came home from work on Friday at about 12:30 and we jumped right in the car and got our trip underway. I was so excited to have an excuse to sit still and knit for hours and hours, but I knit for 5 minutes and got carsick. Oops. So much for that plan. After 10 hours of driving and way too much junk food, we decided to stop for the night in Tampa. We slept until about 6 and then got right back to it. We were on the island by 9am. WooHoo! I know I am probably going to jinx myself for the ride home, but I have to say it anyway: Henry is the best. We have a little portable DVD player for long trips, but he barely touched it. He mostly just hung out, looked at books, played with his Eth a Sketch and hung out in his carseat. He went right to sleep in the hotel and woke up happy and ready for the second leg of the trip. I love that kid!! The most difficult part of the whole trip was sitting still and not being able to knit. Torture, I tell you!

Since we got here we have been going non-stop. Yesterday we swam in the pool, played in the ocean, went for golf cart rides, saw a flock of pelicans flying low over the house, saw dophins swimming in the ocean, and met about a bajillion people. This is the busiest week down here and the grandparents are anxious to show the little man off to all of their friends. Everyone has been so nice to him, which I appreciate SO MUCH. He has gotten Easter baskets from people I've never even met before. People have just been so thoughtful. Today we got up and went to a pancake breakfast on the beach, went swimming twice and had 20 people over for dinner. I think we are all going to sleep well tonight.

I have been trying to sneak in knitting here and there. By the pool, for a few minutes in the morning while drinking coffee, etc. I am working on the first leg of a pair of monster longies for my Mahar order. When I finish those, it is on to a custom. I brought a case of yarn and I hope to get work in as much as I can when I have downtime. I am hoping to be able to update every couple of days or so. I know it is a drag when someone goes on vacation and you have to wait a million years to find out where they are on the list and whatnot. I will do my best.

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