Saturday, April 14, 2007

There's No Place Like Home...

...even when you are coming from 85 and sunny to 65 and rainy. I am happy to be home. Neither of my two biggest fears were realized: the first being that I mistakenly left something horrid out on the counter and I was going to walk into a stinky house, and the second being hat Henry's fish would be dead. The house (though freezing) smelled just dandy and the fish (though the filter had broken while we were away and the tank was pretty green) were alive and well. They are currently living in Kyle's extra extra large measuring glass thingie until I can get out and get them a new one tomorrow.

Don't think you are getting out of looking at a bajillion vacation pictures. I just haven't uploaded them yet. There will be a couple of wool shots in there, too. Maybe wedged between "flying kites on the beach" and "Shamu". That way you can't sneak past all of the boring family shots and just get your fluff fix. I'm so mean sometimes.

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