Monday, April 16, 2007

What a day.

After having no internet for a day because of high winds, I finally was able to log on and was greeted to news of the shootings at Virginia Tech. My brother and sister in law are both alumni, they met and fell in love there and they have some serious Hokie pride. I know they must be so upset about it. My heart goes out to anyone who has loved ones who were affected by this madness. Sometimes it hurts to be a parent. It just hurts.

We had a crazy windstorm last night that knocked out a lot of power and gave me visions of a tree falling on Henry's room all night. Just when we think it is gone, the winds kick back up again. We had a 2 hour delay at school, which we only found out about after I dug out our old clock radio and listened to NPR. When I got to school I thought I must have missed something because all of the windows were dark. I was ready to celebrate a called off day (the first day back from Spring Break), but the parking lot was full so I went in. Some genius decided that it would be okay to hold school with no power. No heat. No running water. PB&J for lunch (which is probably 100% better for you than whatever reheated artery bomb they were planning on, I guess). We were freezing and miserable and I would have been irate if I was a parent of one of those kids and wasn't told I was sending my kids into that kind of situation. Bleh. I'm hoping tomorrow is better.

I still have to take pictures of all of the things I have finished and ready to ship and I really don't feel like putting all of my happy vacation pictures into this post, so I'll just catch you later. If you are waiting on an email or something from me, rest assured I am trying to get to everything as soon as I can. Thanks mamas.


Nancy said...

Just wondering the status of my mahar order #2299 (placed three weeks ago today- 3/27) is coming along.. when you get the chance. I know your a busy mama;>

amy. said...

Hey mama. I actually just finished your last pair today and they'll be in the mail this afternoon. :)

Nancy K. said...

I emailed you. Please check your email. Thanks!