Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Things A Brewin'

Things are a brewin' over here at Crankypants HQ.

My mom is pretty much the best. She has always been super supportive of me and my various interests. When I declared my major in college as Literature with a concentration in Shakespearian studies, she never discouraged me- even though she was probably thinking about how I would never, ever find a job and would live in her basement until I was 47. When I wanted to quilt, she bought me fancy hardcover quilting books that I couldn't afford. When I dropped that and went to soap, she bought me soap making books and told me to have at it. When I decided to stay home with Henry, even though it meant we'd be flat broke, she reminded me that money isn't important when you stack it up next to getting to see your baby's every milestone. She's never bought Henry a single talking, battery operated toy (thank you!). When I held my first charity auction, she donated a gorgeous hand knit Aran sweater (remember that sweater? It was amazing). And when I told her that I was getting way more business than I could handle and expanding was slow going, she picked up her needles again. I am thrilled beyond belief to tell you guys that Mama Crankypants has joined me in my business and will be helping me have more in-stock choices at HC this coming month. Monsters, monkeys and some new, girly things, too. WooHoo!

I also received word that the group of Russian knitters I am working with have finally gotten their hands on the samples I sent them (mail to Russia is notoriously slow) and they are working on a prototype for me. Keep your fingers crossed that this works out for us. It will be great to have a Crankypants expansion while providing a tiny amount of economic development over there.

Also, starting in May, Mahar Dry Goods will be offering Crankypants shorties for the Spring and Summer months. I am not sure when they will fist be made available, but I will let you know as soon as I do.

Also in May, look for some little Mothers' Day goodies to stock.

And, of course...

All 3 of these were taken while "hunting" for alligators at my in laws' golf course. We saw a bunch- probably 5 big ones and a dozen or so babies. They are pretty used to people, but I still kept Henry pretty far away and kept thinking about running in a "zig zag pattern" (lol) should one get the urge to eat us.

This is a tiny wooden bridge that goes over a lagoon. You can see the ocean in the far distance.

My little mechanic trying to figure out exactly how his bike works.

Parrots at Sea World.

Mahar Longies.

Sarah's super girly, blue eyed monsters.

Jean's monsters.

Flamingos, penguins and "Bookaneer Elmo" at Sea World.


Nancy said...

Oh congrats and yay on more instock options! And I do need some crankyshorts, too, so perfect! LOL

Love the pictures, too!

anniebel said...

Well you have left me speachless for two days but alas, I have found my voice! Thank you so much! You are a parents dream! Not to make this blog a mutual admiration society but....your creativity, enthusiasm and hard work make you an easy person to support! Quite frankly until you actually sit and do this knitting you can't begin to understand what hard work it is! Keep up the good job! We are right here beside you!
Your proud Mama
PS We love the pictures too!

Caroline said...

Hip hip hooray for Mama's.