Saturday, April 28, 2007

Oh What a Crafty Day!

I stayed up waaaaaaay too late working last night. I watched the movie The Last Kiss with Zach Braff (who I love) and Jacinda Barett (who I can only think of as the Real World girl) and Rachel Bilson from The OC (which I probably shouldn't admit that I also love). Aside from really enjoying Zach Braff's performance it was... eh. Micheal Penn did the music, which was awesome and included one of my favorites (and his wife) Aimee Mann. I think that might have been my favorite part of the movie, which isn't a great sign for the movie itself. I have a thing for movie music. The most perfect movie music ever in life (in my humble opinion) was Harold and Maude with Moonlight Mile and Jesus' Son coming up there in the top ten. Okay, fine, I'll stop talking about movies and get to the wool.

Jen's monter, which I worked on at Ariel Gore:

Lindy's bright yellow monster, which is slightly stiff because of the dye job, but will soften right up after you lanolize them:

We have a crafty day planned. Kyle was supposed to take Henry to Lowe's to a Build a Birdhouse workshop this morning, but something came up so I am going to take him instead. Another mama friend of mine is bringing her son as well, so hopefully we won't get testosterone poisoning or anything. I've never been to one of these workshops, so I'm not sure how "manly father and son activity" they are. After that we are going to drag the kids downtown to participate in another crafty activity that I can't disclose here because certain recipients of said craftiness might see it and then not be suitably surprised and awed when crafty works of genius arrive at their doorstep. But it will be fun. Hopefully.

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Jen said...

I love our new monsters:) The black looks so great!!!

Thanks again Momma!!!