Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hip Mamas

Last night I went to see Ariel Gore do a reading at a bookstore downtown. For those of you not familiar, she has written a slew of mothering books and has put together a zine called Hip Mama for years and years. After reading countless books on parenting while I was pregnant it was clear that I was going to be a terrible mother. If I circumcised I was a mutilating beast, if I didn't my kid would be a freak. If I nursed my kid would be spoiled, if I didn't he'd be emotionally crippled. If I worked I would be neglectful but if I stayed home I would be setting feminism back 50 years. Any way I looked at it I was not going to be the recipient of the Most Perfect Mommy in the Whole Wide World Award. Then I somehow stumbled upon the Hip Mama Survival Guide and my view of motherhood was wrenched wide open. She gave me the confidence to find my own parenting style- not mainstream, not Mothering, just ME doing what I thought was best for MY family. And I ultimately decided to be broke and stay home with Henry, then to use my skills to try to work at home and be every so slightly less broke. It wasn't like she drew me a map, it was like she handed me a pen and paper and told me to do it myself. It was crazy to see her in person. When it was time to get my book signed I just kind of stared at her and shoved the book into her hands. She probably thought I was the biggest freak. I finally managed to thank her for writing it, but that was about it. I'm such a dork. She is pregnant and due in August, so I think I am going to try to send her a pair of longies somehow. She has shared so much of what she does with me, I'd love to share a little piece of what I do with her. There were two other mama writers with her reading excerpts from their new books. Both were awesome. China Martins read from her zine compilation Future Generation: The Zine-Book For Subculture Parents, Kids, Friends And Others
and Annie Downey read from her new novel Hot and Bothered which I will be buying as soon as I have the time to read a book, which is unforseeable at this point. ANYWAY. All three women were fabulous and if you get a chance to go see them read, you should.

Oooooooooh, my coffee is done brewing.

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