Friday, March 09, 2007


I am taking a break from weaving in ends on a stripey pair of monster longies and listening to my new favorite podcast Stash and Burn. It is two young knitting friends podcasting out of San Fransico. They are awesome and it makes it easy to cut down on my bad daytime TV intake while I knit during the day.

My house is , once again, a den of sickies. Henry was out of school all week last week with a mysterious fever. The fever finally went away last weekend, but has now been replaced by a mysterious cough. This is not your average cough, it is SO persistent and awful. One of the assistants at the elementary school I work at told me that her son had a similar cough and she finally found out it was walking pneumonia. Awesome. When Henry got home from school yesterday my husband told me that his teacher had mentioned that he had been coughing all day. Of course I was now convinced that Henry had pneumonia and immediately made him a doctor's appointment. My husband brought him in today so I didn't have to take any more days off of work. Ugh! I miss being a stay at home mom! Anyway. He does not have pneumonia, thankfully, but the doc did think that he had some sort of bacterial thing. I am waiting for him to wake up from his nap so we can go fill his prescription and get some treats.

As I type this I have switched from Stash and Burn to This American Life. The topic is "kid logic". I love it.

It may be a little bit before I can post new pictures. I am working on a few super secret projects before the regular list knitting resumes. A few exciting thing are bubbling over here, I can't wait to share them with you.

Here's a picture. My friend Bam (who just got tenure at the University of Michigan- go Bam!!!) came to visit us from the Great White North this past weekend. I love this picture of her and Henry walking down Wall Street with the little doggie, Willow. So sweet.

Back to weaving in ends...

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