Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Mahar, Mahar and Sam...

Talk about a flurry of activity! Not only have I been hammering down all of my March orders and finishing up the last of the February Mahar Dry Goods orders, but I have also been invited to join the wonderful Hyena Cart congo FEAST. It was an invitation I had to accept, of course. What a great group of super talented mamas! I will be doing my first stocking with them in the Summer, so keep your eyes peeled.

On to the pictures...

Mahar Jolly Rogers:

A FABULOUS picture that Ms. Janine sent to me (and gave me permission to post, of course) of her little Crankypants trying to get into the fish bowl:

Here is another customer picture, Jessica's little man who got last month's LOVE/HATE longies. I love the tiger shirt she has them paired with:

And my brother, J, with my nephew Sam, who doesn't look so brand new anymore. He is sporting some Crankypants I did for them in Hokie colors. My brother and my sister in law are both Virginia Tech alums, so the poor kid had better get used to orange and burgundy!

You really have to love a man who isn't afraid to wear the baby!

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