Sunday, March 25, 2007

Karin and Britton

After a crazy week, I finally have some new pictures to post. These shorts will go out in tomorrow's AM mail.

Karin's monster:

Britton's dumptruck and goldfish:

I had a lot of fun with that fishy and I love the way he turned out.

Why has this week been so crazy? Well, Henry had his first ever sleepover on Sunday night. He had an allergic reaction to something he ate while at his friend's house and broke out in crazy hives that would not go away for anything. The poor kid was an itchy, blotchy mess for days. It got so bad that we had to put him on steroids for a few days to get them under control. 5 days later they were finally gone. Note to self: when faced with a medical situation as vague as "itchy blotchy rash" NEVER under ANY circumstances use Google. I found all sorts of horrid things that I couldn't rule out absolutely enough to make me feel comfortable until they were all gone. Henry has ingested all manner of things and has never been allergic to a single thing, so the fact that he could have had that crazy of a reaction to something really threw me for a loop.

My wonderful parents were also in town this week. Since they live in the Great White North, we only get to see them a handful of times a year. The time whizzed right by. We went hiking and saw some amazing waterfalls.

We most likely won't see them again until the grand road trip in July, so dropping them off at the airport was hard. They were about to fly from sunny NC, where it was 80 degrees and sunny to CT, where it is likely grey and snow still covers the ground... so it was probably even harder for them.

Since I abandoned all housework while they were here, this place looks like a disaster area. I need to do a massive cleaning and then manage to keep it in decent shape until we leave for FL in 2 weeks. We shall see.

There is a bit of other Crankypants news as well. A little while back there was a thread on Diaper Swappers wondering if the original poster was the only one who wasn't into Crankypants. I know some of my more vocal customers weighed in and I'm sure many of you saw the thread. As it went on, a few people expressed the desire for Crankypants in more of an overnight weight yarn. I did listen. Starting next month I'll be offering a limited number of "heavy wetting" slots made with Cascade Eco Plus, which is an awesome HEAVY worsted weight yarn. It is considerably thicker than the merino I usually use and is still pretty dern soft. I think that I might do those slots through HC, but I haven't quite figured it out yet. Stay tuned. I'll be sure to post something solid before ordering time. I can't believe that the first is already creeping up on us so quickly! How does that happen?

I hope everyone is well.

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