Thursday, March 15, 2007

Jennifer's Monster Booty

Hey mama, I'm sorry I didn't put this up last night. I finished them after it got dark and I was waiting for decent light. Unfortunately, we are gearing up for a thunderstorm so the light is still pretty bad. The colors don't pop in this picture like they do in person. Jennifer, you'll have to take a picture of them on a sunny day for me ;)

I can just picture this monster lounging on a tropical shore somewhere sipping a monster margarita and listening to calypso music.

I actually just got back from a field trip with the third grade I work with. All 5 classes. We went to a play downtown and they were actually all well behaved. Until the bus ride home. Yikes!

Now I am going to settle down to watch last night's LOST and work on Bridgette's funky shorties.

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