Monday, August 28, 2006

Keri's Monster Booty Shorties!

I can't believe it is 9:30 and I haven't had any coffee yet! And my eyes are still open!

Our weekend camping adventure was great and Henry had a fabulous time running around and getting dirty. The only time I thought to get the camera out and take pictures was when the little birthday girl was blowing out the candles. Bad mama! But here's a picture of Henry in his little party hat-I was amazed he kept it on for more than 12 seconds.

I just finished up Ms. Keri's pair of Monster Booty shorties. I wanted to post the picture she sent me of the monster she wanted so you could see them side by side, but it opened up as an MS Office document and I couldn't figure out how to save that in a format that I could upload here. Anyway, here are the shorts:

They will be out in the mail this afternoon :)

That means the list is looking like this:
Shannon L.- I have lengthened one leg and will do the other one and mail them this afternoon.
Lene M.- Waiting to hear your design ideas.
Adrienne W.-Getting ready to talk about colors.

I am also getting more excited about Fall knitting...hats, leg warmers, mittens, etc. I love the change of seasons here. This weekend being out and about really reminded me why we took a 30% paycut to move and raise Henry here. We have had such a busy summer that we didn't really have time to get out and enjoy the mountains and things. Now that we can see Fall coming, we are motivated to make the most of the warm months we have left before winter comes along and get out of the house! We have a cooperative share in a local family farm, so I am also looking forward to the change in the produce we pick up weekly. We have been eating so much zucchini and squash and cucumbers and tomato. I am looking forward to the pumpkins and melons and beets of Fall.

Of course it is supposed ot be 88 degrees today, so it looks like I might have a ways to go ;) After I finish Shannon's other leg, I'll be hiding out at the bakery all day, drinking coffee and working on a book I am indexing for a friend. Everyone enjoy your day!

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