Friday, August 25, 2006

Kate's Monkey Longies

Are done!

They went into the mail Priority this afternoon, so they should be there Monday.

CeCe-Thanks. I love his hair, too, except when I am trying to comb out the dreads in the back that develop when he sleeps. That is definitely not my favorite part of the day.

Keri- He does feel like such a big kid. I tell him "YOu are such a big boy now" and he replies "NO. I'm a big Henry". Gotta love it. I will get started on dying the yarn for your orange and green. They should be on the needles tomorrow.

And Ms. Shannon...I am a dunce. I offered to lengthen those longies for you lickity split and then realised that I don't have any more burgundy yarn *smacks self in forehead* I will be going to the yarn store Sunday evening and the set will go into the mail on Monday morning.

I have the distinct pleasure of going camping with 4 other families with toddlers tomorrow night. The last time we tried camping with another family with a toddler it ended at 4am with us breaking down the tent and packing everything up while Henry screamed bloody murder. Those are the times I wish that Henry hadn't weaned yet. The old dependable boob is dependable no more. Anyway, that was a year ago so I am telling myself that he will be fine this time, right? RIGHT???

I guess you'll know on Sunday...


earthchick said...

Oh my, those are the cutest shorts! Sock Monkey rocks!

earthchick said...

(oops, not shorts, I mean longies!)