Friday, November 23, 2012

On and On...

It has been hard for me to update the Crankypants blog lately, as there has been a distinct lack of Crankypants in my life these days.  I have been doing custom work here and there and just sent a big ole box of Beasties to SC for a holiday stocking, but having a full time job has changed my perspective and priorities in a pretty major way.  I am getting used to the 'new normal' and realizing just how chained to my knitting needles I have been for the past few years.  I love Crankypants, don't get me wrong.  But as I get some distance from it I am coming to understand how my focus on the business has blurred out a lot of other aspects of my personality and life.  Settling into a new routine, I am remembering that there are other things that I love out there, and new things I want to do. 

I am seeing a change in the little man, too, he is growing up.  When he was a tiny baby and wanted no one but me I remember saying that I would have reign over his early years and his father would be his guide through his transition through late boyhood and into adulthood.  I am starting to see that shift happening right in front of my eyes every day.  Computer programming club, Mythbusters and Top Gear, building projects, outdoor activities...he wants to be with his dad more these days, they seem to have a stronger connection than ever.  He isn't my baby anymore.  

Both of my main focuses, the business and the boy, have undergone serious changes these past months and I've changed with them, remembering parts of myself I had kind of forgotten, or at least neglected.  I have been playing a lot of music lately, and learning how to shoot.  The latter may seem like a total departure from my usual, but I am loving it.  There is something really great about the foreignness of it, there is so much to learn.  I had an awesome moment the other day when I cleaned out my coat pocket and dumped a few bobbins and a handful of bullet shells onto the table.  It just tickled me, the two opposing parts of my personality all mixed up in my coat pocket, getting along just fine.

So I'm hoping this here little blog can change with me.  I am hoping to start some holiday crafting soon, we have heat in the studio again and I am looking forward to some quiet Sunday mornings out there in the near future.  I also hope to write more about other things, more personal things, new projects and passions that come along, my darlin' boy getting older and more independent.  It all seems new and different, like a new chapter.  

Ready, steady...

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