Monday, January 02, 2012


This might be one of my favorite Christmas presents of all time, though it isn't the best picture ever. That is my studio (aka: Crankypants World HQ). In the foreground is the exact replica my daddy built for me from scratch- Crankypants World HQ: Birdhouse Edition. I am half tempted to knit up teensy Crankypants and hang them from a clothesline on the porch like I do for customs photos. When spring comes and a happy little family of gold finches settle in I just might die of cuteness overload.

Note: Yes, the shot makes it look like the studio is kind of tilting one way and the teeny version is kind of tilting the other. My yard is by no means flat (we live in the mountains, y'all) but the hubs didn't built my studio sideways, pinky swear.

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Nichole said...

That is adorable. Your dad is obviously awesome.