Sunday, January 01, 2012


Wow, this poor little blog has been aggressively neglected for the past few months! On the first day of the new year I feel like I should look back and recap everything I've missed telling you all about. Instead, I'm going to leave you with just one of my favorite memories of the year to kick off the 365 project I've been inspired to do by one of my besties who actually stuck with it all last year. Maybe she can keep my feet to the fire. You can check out her 365 here (Cozy Blue) but you have to pinky swear not to hold me to her standard. In my 365, you can look forward to seeing lots of pictures of coffee and the dog. Henry gets ornery with a camera in his face (imagine that). In the meantime, Happy New Year from the Ketts. Here's hoping 2012 brings community, love, happy adventures and lots of crafty projects! Mwah! xoxo.

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