Sunday, January 02, 2011

More Christmas Photos...

Quillan, chilling on the couch and trying to ignore the giant camera in her face.

Henry doing the same.

Memere, joe and Sam making some gingerbread cookies. Santa brought me some NINJAbread men cookie cutters, you'll be seeing more from them later...


Jay and Sam making a sledding run down the front hill.


This is what stir-crazy looks like. Q brought me an ear flap hat from Maine, Santa brought Sam a super realistic looking stuffed chicken, I happened to be wearing a plaid flannel and my folks think rifles are decorative. The sum of the parts...

Jay and Henry playing the don't-tip-the-clown game.

One of my favorite ornaments.

The Ketts are a little whacko.

But cute, awww...

The traditional family portrait. A quiet dignity, no?

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