Friday, December 31, 2010

Prezzies and Such

Whew! After a little over 14 hours in the car yesterday we crashed hard and were welcomed back to Asheville with a bright sun and the sounds of the last of the snow melting away. We unpacked, I worked a bit and Kyle and I walked up to our favorite coffee place, Waking Life Espresso, where we now have a running tab (thanks, mom!) while Henry played over at a friend's house. It is good to be home! We are waiting for some friends to come over to make pizza and play Rock Band and pretend we won't all be in bed by 10 tonight, but I wanted to post some pictures before I forget.

I tried to make something for everyone on my Christmas list this year and I think I came pretty close. I couldn't think of anything to make my sister in law (sorry Kirstin!) so I did the next best thing and bought hand made from Etsy.

When I asked Henry what he wanted most this year he informed me that all he really wanted was a set of Chinese throwing stars. For a minute I regretted letting him look through all those weapons catalogs while I work at the tkd studio, and then I whipped up a set of double sided felt ones. All the fun with none of the bloodstains.

All of the kids in the family got little tattoo heart ornaments. They say 2010 on the back. Because little kids care about ornaments and sentimentality. Fine- they were really for the parents.

My mom asked for an apron and Amy from Kitch Fabrics helped me with this vintage-y little number. It was my first foray into bias tape and I'm really happy with it. I used some little extra fabric scraps to applique some matching tea towels.

My 4 year old nephew has made the leap from trains to construction vehicles so I whipped up this little pair of jammies for him.

Sam's little brother Joe is 2 and is way into letters. I thought this fabric was way cute and can't wait to see both f the boys in their jammies!

My brother is impossible. When I ask what he needs he always kind of mumbles something about Japanese chisels for wood working that ends with 'or whatever...'. I made him a set of moustachio-ed pint cozies so he and his friends don't accidentally share boy cooties by mistaking their glass while watching the game or playing Pacman, or whatever boys do.

And finally, before I bid you a Happy New Year, the last of the 2010 customs. I have a couple of the things on the needles that SHOULD have been done in 2010, but it looks like they will have the distinction of being the first of 2011 instead...

Everyone be safe out there tonight. See you on the flip side.


anniebel said...

Everything was very cute and loved by all!! Been wearing my apron as I cook. Haven't gotten it too dirty yet!! Burritos with left over beans and rice tonight and I didn't get any sauce on it!! Major accomplishment for me! And the cutest dish clothes ever are working wonderfully!! I think I may need to hide them so that they only get used for drying clean dishes and not mopping up counters and floors!! I hate when that happens!

Anonymous said...

Fwi, I love my sentimental gift!