Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bike Ridin'

There are lots of things my little man will do that a lot of kids his age won't. He'll read books for hours. He'll can beat his dad at video games, even when he tries his hardest. He idolizes Einstein and talks about the ramifications of dark matter. He happily eats tofu and brussel sprouts for dinner. But. No matter how we beg and plead. He won't ride a bike. The whole idea scares the bejeesus out of him and he wants no part of it. So... when we got a super sunny and unseasonably warm Saturday and he agreed to give it a shot, we were psyched!

We went down to the green way by the river and had a time!

Henry rode all the way down to the park and back, laid down some serious skids and actually even smiled once or twice. Next stop- X Games!


Christia said...

Adorable. Seriously. I'm glad he had fun on his ride!

anniebel said...

Looks like you had a beautiful day! Henry as usual is...adorable. He is getting so old I'm going to have to say handsome. He isn't going to like being told he is adorable!