Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Name of This Post is Secret!

Since Henry and I finished reading the Narnia series this summer we have been kind of floundering in the reading department. He has been reading on his own as voraciously as usual but I always like to have another book going-one that is slightly too hard for him to tackle himself that we can tuck into at night before bed, a chapter a day. We tried Superfudge, but it was a little much for me. Henry has been persnickity about books he doesn't pick out himself and The Lightning Thief, Redwall and Danny, Champion of the World were dismissed. He gets nightmares at the mere mention of a dementor, so Harry Potter is off the table for now. So for a while we just stopped reading together. Then I remembered a series a friend had suggested to me, the first book being The Name of This Book is Secret!. Her daughter is a bit older than Henry and equally as big a bookworm so I was afraid it might be too much for him, but I decided to give it a shot and waited patiently as it traveled from the big library branch downtown through inter-library loan. Man, was it worth the wait!

I'm not going to spoil it for you, but the whole thing was right up my alley. The name of the author is Pseudonymous Bosch for crying out loud! Henry didn't want to give it a chance, but the super cool first chapter caught him like a fish on a hook. The story involves 2 quirky kids who form an unlikely friendship while tracking down the mystery of a magician's notebook, a seeing nose dog and two fake grandfathers that run a junk shop out of an abandoned fire station. There are puzzles to solve and fun to be had the whole way through. Well, at least until chapter 11 because that's as far as I got. You see, my dear and darling son STOLE the book from the bedside table and devoured it on his own over the course of a few days time, giggling all the way. At first I tried to keep up with him but to no avail. I never really stood a chance, the kid couldn't put it down and I never really got the hang of telling him to stop reading anything.

Luckily, it's a series. And I have to put in another request for an inter-library loan on the next one so I should have plenty of time to polish it of before it comes in. This time I'm putting it on the top shelf every night after we're done reading together. He may be smarter than me but I'm taller...

If you are interested, the main page for the series is here. The first book's page is here. They are worth checking out.

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