Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Great Road Trip of 2010: Part 1.

Asheville, NC to Ocean City, MD
546 Miles
9.5 Hours

What seems like forever ago (June 19th) we hopped in the little VW Rabbit and headed off on The Great Road Trip of 2010. The first leg: Asheville to Ocean City, where we would meet up with my folks, brother and sister in law and 2 nephews, Sam and Joe. Ocean City is halfway between my brother's house in Burlington, VT and Asheville, so my folks decided to rent a condo there for us to all spend a week together. It was pretty much the perfect set up. The condo was in a nice, secluded little complex with its own pool and little beach so there was lots of reasonably quiet relaxing, swimming and hanging out with the kids. When we were itching for a little of Ocean City's touristy, blinky lighted goodness the boardwalk was just a short bus ride away.

We heard that it was a moral imperative to get a giant bucket of Thrasher's french fries, complete with apple cider vinegar and salt. The bucket was about the size of a small movie popcorn and was gone in about 2 minutes. We also managed to squeeze in a visit to The Fractured Prune on the recommendation of my friend Michie- made to order donuts that are little sugary grease bombs from Heaven- and hammered our way through a half bushel of blue crab at one of the little crab shacks on the strip. Yumma.

We made our way down to the board walk and spent a while at Trimpers, where they have all sorts of vintage amusement park rides.

My nephew, Sam, was not impressed.

Henry and I, however, had a blast.

My brother and Kyle went on the upside down roller coaster while we all watched from the ground.

There was a little fountain area in the condo complex that the kids could run through and they loved it! It was perfect for the times they wanted a little water action but the grown ups were too tired to make a trip to the pool.

Since Henry's birthday is coming up (I can't believe he's going to be 7 in 3 little days!) and we wouldn't be together then, my folks threw him a little impromptu un-birthday party.


Of course we couldn't leave the boardwalk without a little cheesy family vacation photo...

And we couldn't leave a family vacation without a little portrait to commemorate the occasion.

L-R: me mama, me dad, sister in law Kirstin, Brother J with Sam and Joe, me, Henry, Kyle. Are we an attractive bunch or what?

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Anonymous said...

Hailing from Maryland, Ocean City was the destination of many a family vacation. Great pictures and thanks for bring back so many childhood memories.