Thursday, June 03, 2010

My Little Grub Worm.

Little man was given the part of "Grub Worm" in the first grade musical. His costume consisted of this awesome face paint done by a mom in the class who also happens to be a professional face painter (handy, no?), a camo doo rag and a camo sheet wrapped tightly around his body. He had two speaking parts, which meant he had to struggle up the stairs and to the stage armless twice to get to the microphone. At the end, all of the bugs receive flowers (it is the crux of the plot, people!) and, since his arms were all wrapped up in the sheet, the kid next to him took the flower and shoved it down his neck hole. It sat there poking him in the face for the rest of the play. Comedy. Gold.

Tonight is the kick off for the summer reading program. Tomorrow is the last honor roll ceremony of the year and the class party. I have the feeling that next week is going to be a movie watching, field day going, extra recess having week of fun. Is he really going to be in second grade next year? Up on the top floor with the "big kids"? How did that happen?

*sniff sniff*

Remind me of this mushy, lovey, he's-growing-up-so-fast-and-I-want-to-squeeze-him-tight feeling towards the end of summer break when I am pounding on the front door of the school and begging them to let him back in...

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