Monday, March 29, 2010

Yellow-Green Testing!

Yesterday was the first time that Henry and I both got to dress for belt testing at taekwondo. I tested with the white belts on Friday night (no, there are no pictures) but was able to dress and sit with the rest of the students for the colored belt testing. It was a completely different perspective and I loved every minute of it. And we took a billion pictures of course. Kyle started with the camera and hung in there until his head threatened to explode (he is recovering from sinus surgery) and then he handed the camera over to Henry and I. If the person in the picture has no head- it was probably Henry's shot. And here we go...

Getting ready to go! One thing I love about this school is how the upper belts and adults are so willing to help the lower belts and kids. It is amazing.

Henry was super nervous but once he got on the mat to do his form, he stuck it!

This is our friend Alan doing one of his forms for the judges. He is such a gentle guy that it is always great to see him transform and kick ass on the mat.

Amy Dexter brought the Mighty Tigers (4 and young 5 year olds) out onto the mat to demonstrate their super intimidating punching and blocking skills!

Jumping to the other end of the spectrum, Hara is the first home grown female to make the leap to first degree black belt. The testing for this milestone is super rigorous and it was an inspiration to watch. Hara has been my blocking and sparring partner many times and her patience with my uncoordinated self always amazes me.

Next up was one steps and sparring. This is always so much fun to watch. Henry faced a blue/red belt and he did great!

It is excellent to see people kicking each others' butts and smiling at the same time. People push each other in such a supportive way and genuinely enjoy each other. I know! It's almost barfy, but it is completely true!
The guys tend to be a little more serious...

Board breaking is always an exciting part of testing and there was LOTS of it this time around. Everyone has their eyes glued to the mat.

See the 8 million broken boards being gathered up? Hara broke about a half dozen of them but I wasn't at a good angle to get pictures of them.

Tomorrow starts the process of everyone getting their new belt colors and learning new forms and one steps. I can't wait!


liz said...

wow, amy -- awesome post!

i am inspired just reading it, and so excited for you guys!

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Such a wonderful post. i fully enjoyed it.