Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A Papa Tomato and a Baby Tomato Are Walking Down the Street...

...the baby tomato dawdles so much that he falls way behind. The Papa tomato gets so mad that he walks back to the baby tomato, steps on him and says "Ketchup!".

This is one of Henry's favorite new jokes. It is also how I'm feeling right now. Little by little I'm climbing out of the holiday hole and getting back to business as usual. It is amazingly freezing here right now so we've had double two hour delays for school, but I am bound and determined to get my routine back, dernit!

I am still working on catching up with the last customs of 2009, but I hope to be all caught up by the end of the weekend. Here are some snaps of the pair that just came off the needles, for a die hard MotoX fan.

After I put a tidy little bow on 2009, I'll be ready to usher in the new year! Keep your eyes peeled for some late custom auctions starting Monday the 11th and a one of a kind collaboration with Family Roots Fibers!

Happy New Year!!!


Andrea said...

Those are so awesome! Love the look of Mr P. doing his jump.

anniebel said...

Those a verrry cool!