Sunday, December 27, 2009


Holy Dooce!

I go away for a week and y'all gang up on me and crash my site! I don't make a habit of checking my own site often (does this make me a bad business owner?) and didn't even know the site was down until a friend sent me a note on Facebook saying she couldn't access it. I was wondering why it was so quiet around here but thought people were too busy eating too many peanut butter balls and gingerbread men to shop. Phooey!

If you have stumbled upon Crankypants because of the Dooce buying guide and were thwarted by a nasty bandwidth message when you tried to buy a pair for your wee beastie, don't despair! I am currently trying to get a hold of my site host to get everything back on track. Hopefully it will be up and running and ready for more traffic lickity split.

In the meantime, there are lots of things up for grabs on my smaller sites:
Hyena Cart

Thanks for your patience!

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