Thursday, October 01, 2009

October Customs!

I am only taking 2 lottery customs this month because I am going to be guesting with iCrave mid-month and am still woefully behind. I am blaming my tardiness on my hand injury, but really it is because the studio building is a total time suck and I made a mistake on a September custom resulting in a do over. A 12" inseam do over. Yikes! You'll notice that I am only doing 2 custom auctions this month as well. I am trying to keep it light this month so I can make sure everything that needs to get done on time... does. If I end up ahead of the game I will be able to make some extra cool stuff for next month! WooHoo! Anyway, without further ado, the October customs peeps are:

Rikki M.
Hannah R-D.

Auctions have been staying fairly low lately so you might grab a good deal on one here. Check it out.

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