Thursday, October 08, 2009


Ever since school started I have been living by The List, capital T, capital L. As I look down at my typing fingers I can see signs of my last week. Blisters. Primer. Blue Paint. White Paint. Yarn threads stuck in my broken fingernail.

We are in the midst of the last push to finish the studio. not finish finish, but move in finish. I don't think I'll have stairs to the loft for another 2 years and the closet may never have a door, but I'm cool with that. It is painted, the trim is painted and waiting to be hung and the flooring is in the back of my van. The electrician is coming tomorrow to put in the fixtures, which I haven't even shopped for yet. Gah. Oh, and if you ever need drywall finishing work done in Asheville- email me. The guys I found were awesome and reasonable. We hung all the drywall ourselves but couldn't manage the mudding and taping. These guys came in before and after another job so they could bust it out for me. They were here until 9 one night so it would dry in time for them to sand it down the next day. Yeah-they were awesome.

School is back in full swing, and first grade is proving much different than Kindergarten. There is homework and PET lab and lots of assessing. Henry had decided that he needs to impress his new teacher with his mad reading skillz, meaning he reads so fast at his assessments that he can't remember anything he read. He has told her that he only reads non-fiction. Goofball. He baffled her by writing Korean words meaning "thank you for the lesson" from taekwondo on a writing assignment. Goof. Ball.

Oh, and knitting.

TONIGHT! Venus Vanguard is doing an Urban Legends stocking. 8pm EST. I am stocking a pair of Sock Monkey longies (18" waist/rise, 12" inseam) and some seconds.

I will also be stocking with iCrave later this month. I haven't gotten that down yet, but I know there will be monster shirts involved. Stay tuned...

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