Sunday, July 19, 2009

Holy Stocking, Batman!

Yesterday was Henry's belated 6th birthday party with a Batman Vs. The Mad Scientist theme. I made blank capes and masks for the kids to decorate when they came in and then Kyle ushered them through Super Hero Training Camp in the back yard. After cupcakes were devoured, the newly minted Super Heroes went on a scavenger hunt for the dastardly Mad Scientist who left clues scattered about the yard. When they found him (goody bags with crazy faces and cotton ball 'mad scientist' hair) they ripped into them while Henry opened his presents. It was a totally crazy and fabulous time and here is Captain Six Year Old himself:

In happy Crankypants news, we finally got our hands on some Classic Monster Booty Shorties in all sizes!


there is a new addition to the Classic Crankypants line!

AND! For those of you who want a little Crankypants but no longer have wee beasties in diapers or can't make the investment right now, some new itty bitty monster friends came to live at Crankypants World HQ!

All of this new fangled business will be stocking at the HC store tomorrow morning at 9EST. I will also be holding a few pairs of the shorties and longies back for my West Coast peeps, and they will go up at 9PST. I only have a very few of certain sizes (and no 18-24 Toadstools yet) so be ready to go!

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