Friday, June 26, 2009


I am way behind in (everything) my posting.

We have come a long way on the studio, but all that progress means we've been flopping into bed before 10 every night, too tired to keep you posted. The guys are out there right now *thisclose* to finishing the roof. I think that we are going to start painting it tomorrow, so the pictures will start getting good soon. Here is the latest, from yesterday morning:

I also finished a pair of little beachy longies and they put me in a nice, fun, summer-y mood:

I am excited for tomorrow morning, when my poor, neglected-for-building boy of mine and I make our weekly trip to Asheville City Market. We will sit on the stoop, drink sweet tea, eat a local blackberry jam pinwheel and roasted beet/goat cheese pastry star from Bread and Sparrow and catch up with each other. I can't wait.


seed said...

Sounds like a gorgeous way to spend some one on one time together.

seed said...

OOps, studio looks fantastic too.

anniebel said...

Looks like thins are coming together! The pants are so cute!! Have fun at the farmers market! That should be a relaxing change of pace.

Felicia said...

These are so adorable!! And.. you are in Asheville? Me too!

crankypantsknits. said...

I am in Asheville! Actually, after 9 days away and a 15 hour drive home yesterday I have never been happier to be in Asheville! Where abouts are you?