Monday, June 29, 2009

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Crankypants...

The good news- giraffes:

The bad news:

Earl-eye tomorrow morning, we'll be heading on up to the (hopefully cooler) Mitten State to spend the 4th by the lake with the fam. Nope-that isn't the bad news. The bad news is that there is no internet access there! Since we will be arriving at our internet-free destination on the first of the month, things might get a little wonky. I'm hoping to be able to do the bare bones customs stuff as on time as possible via my iPhone (standing on one leg in justtherightspot in the front yard) but I will most likey be pretty scarce for the next week. There is a pub about 20 minutes away that has wireless, so I will try to swing by there a few times to check in. I am always available by email on my phone, though, so don't hesitate to drop me a line if you have specific questions or immediate needs.

I hope everyone has a fabulous holiday week!


mamaK said...

Amy, I absolutely love the way these turned out! The giraffes are adorable! And I'm so excited that you were able to squeeze a pocket in. Can't wait to see them IRL. We, too, are hitting the road. Heading to Ohio tomorrow for a week. So I bet these will arrive while we are gone. I'll post action shots on the FB group. Thank you again!


anniebel said...

Those are adorable!!!!