Saturday, June 13, 2009

Update-y Goodness

Happy weekend, all!

I made a few changes to the sidebar over there on the left hand side. If you look under the "Links" heading, I added a link to follow me on Twitter and another for Facebook. If you don't feel like reading all my Facebook updates and just want to keep up with the haps at Crankypants HQ (or if you would like to do both) there is a Crankypants Knits FB Group as well.

I also changed Henry and my "What We're Reading" books. Henry is smitten with the Bunnicula series and has moved on to Howliday Inn, wherein Harold and Chester are forced to spend time at a questionable kennel. I don't think Bunnicula is in this one at all, but Henry doesn't seem to mind. he thinks that Chester (the cat) is pretty much the funniest character ever. I love it. I am going to try to find hima super cool notebook in the next few days to use as his Summer reading journal. My little book club has chosen Persepolis for this month's book so I changed my book as well (even though I haven't actually gotten my copy yet-shhhhh!). I need to go up to the library and pay our enormous fine so we can start making regular library trips. We need a little smooch of structure this summer or we'll all go crazy.

Today I am looking forward to heading on out to the Asheville City Market and seeing what we can find. I am hopehopehoping that Farm and Sparrow is there again so I can munch on the amazing beet, chevre and fresh rosemary pastries I got a taste for last week. I know it sounds kind of weird, but man! So tasty.

In other exciting news, Kyle's folks are due to arrive in town tonight and Monday morning will begin the big studio raising week for Crankypants HQ! Come to think of it, I'm not sure if I've posted about this here before. When we moved into this house last year there was a grody old shed in the backyard. The outside fo the shed was fine, but inside... not so much. The folks who lived here before us had a 12 piece mariachi band that used the shed as a practice space. Yeah. They had nailed carpet to every single surface (inclusing the ceiling and over the windows) to try to soundproof the place a bit, not knowing that there was a leak in the roof. You can imagine the sorry state we found that thing in when we pulled off all of the carpeting. Ew. We spent a week knocking it down, and hauling it away (double ew) and are finally poised to start work on a new bitty studio/storage space. I will be able to move all of my Crankypants gear out of the house and Kyle will do the happy dance to top all happy dances that he doesn't have to wade through piles of yarn to get to his computer. We are hoping to get it all framed out this coming week or so while Kyle's folks and uncle (who is a builder by trade, thankfully) are here to help and it will probably take the rest of the summer to finish the inside. I'll be sure to post pictures of the process as we go.


Stay tuned for pictures of Henry's Kindergarten graduation. Here's a little preview:


Marie said...

hi there!

random question. were you previously reading a book about colloquialisms? i thought i had noticed that a few weeks ago. if so, can you share the title w/ me? i am looking for a book like that for a gift. thanks so much!!

:) mae

amy said...

Oh I can't wait to see the new HQ!

crankypantsknits. said...

Marie- I was (and actually still am) reading a book about a guy who took a year and read the entire Old English Dictionary. It was called Reading the OED by Ammon Shea. It is an awesome, interesting book, but I have to do it in bits and pieces instead of reading it through like fiction.