Sunday, June 14, 2009

Studio Buildin' Day 1.

After an superYUM breakfast at The Sunny Point this morning (isn't visiting family the best excuse to eat at your favorite restaurants?) the Kett men (rawr) got busy making trips to Home Depot and using noisy machinery and pounding on things and whatnot. After lunch I felt like I needed to get in on the action helping to clear dirt out of the post holes. My father in law, Danny, had a fabulous time pretending to point out flaws in my mad post hole digging skillz. You can see Kyle and his Uncle Jim in the background looking like they are getting their Greco-Roman wrestle on, but they are really just trying to beat the auger into submission.

This photo is alternately titled: "The Ketts Won the Most Beautiful Yard Award AGAIN!":

More bossing me around. I think that was the highlight of his work day.

Tomorrow we get the big lumber delivery, the posts go in and building begins for real.


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