Thursday, April 30, 2009

Where I Been?

I've been taking care of the garden:

Getting locked in the house by my darling son:

And listening to many a nose flute concierto:

I was informed the other day that I haven't been updating my blog regularly enough (hi mom!) and 'tis true, 'tis true.

This month has been a mad, crazy whirlwind and I don't see a let up in the near future.


As the end of the school year approaches, more and more needs to be done. I just finished a few good sized playground fund raisers and have one more at the end of May before I call it quits for the summer. Saturday is the big International Children's Festival and I need to make about a bajillion signs for it by tomorrow night. Bring on the marker fumes! Henry also has a few things going on-today he has an "Author's Presentation" where he is presenting his research on owls (should be adorable) and tomorrow he has an honor roll assembly. Monday I meet with the 'gifted' teacher to see how the year went and to possibly make some tentative plans for next year. Also, dont forget that next week is National Teacher Apreciation Week- so show those teachers some lurve!


Holy cow this month went fast! Auctions will start tomorrow (if I can get my act together and put them up tonight) as usual and custom ordering will be open from 10am-noon EST. As far as my April customs... I am *thisclose* to being done so I hope to come in just under the wire. I will be stitching my little fingers off all day, so hang in there. All the knitting is done, they just need some embellishment. *jazz hands*

I also got an invoice from Peru this morning, so something should be coming in tomorrow. I wonder what will be in the box this time! I know what I asked for, let's see what I get! It's always a little bit of a surprise.

AND... I have a few things at the seamstress right now being finished up to stock soon. I can't wait to show them to you, they are awesome.

The most exciting thign happening around here this coming month is a little building project. Currently, this is in our back yard:

Yeah. Ug. It is even grosser inside. The people who used to live here had a mariachi band and they practiced in there. Not good. Next week we are going to demo it and build a brand spankin' new Crankypants World HQ/ guest space. Kyles uncle (who builds resorts in the Bahamas) is going to come up along with Kyle's folks to help with the building. I'll make sure to keep posting progress pictures as we go along. Should be scary. And fun.

I also hope to post some customs pictures tomorrow before they hit the mail. Stay tuned...

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