Saturday, April 25, 2009


When my oldest nephew, Sam, was born I knit him a log cabin blanket because baby blankets seemed more useful than clothes to me in the long run. Those babies grow like weeds, you know [note: it wasn't until I went back to reread this post that I discovered I had left the 's' off of the word 'weeds' in that last bit. One little letter made a whole lot of difference in tone there.] It wasn't until I sent it off that I realized sending a new mom a hand-wash-only baby blanket is kind of cruel, and if it were me, I probably would have taken one look at my little poop and spit up factory, laughed aloud and thrown it in a closet somewhere to be taken out only when the knitter visited. I was so. very. happy. when my sister in law, Kirstin, posted these pictures on her blog. Apparently Sam (now 2) has taken a shine to the blankie.

Cutest thing ever? Why yes, I do concur.

This is what he looked like when he first got it:
My, how time has flown (and yes, that is the Easy Peasy Cardigan from Little Turtle Knits, if anyone is wondering).

My wee little nephew, Joe, is just as adorable.

When I first saw this picture I had two immediate thoughts:

1. Damn, that kid is cute, he has my brother's eyes.
2. I can't believe my brother swiped that braided rug from my folks' house before I had the chance to nab it. Eyes and rugs, he gets all the good stuff.


sue said...

What cutie pie nephews you have. I love the log cabin blanket too, beautiful colors.

physlet said...

What incredibly adorable little men! <3