Sunday, April 05, 2009

The Final Countdown!

With all the grey and rainy skies around here lately we have been counting down the days until Spring Break. We are jumping in the car as soon as school lets out on Friday afternoon to make the long drive down to Kyle's folks' house in sunny Florida. Today was sunny and warm, but it is supposed to SNOW on Tuesday, so we're biding our time until we can make a run for it!

Kyle and Henry did take advantage of the loverly weekend and went hiking with some friends.

That is a far cry from the weather they are predicting for tonight. If I don't remember to wrap up all of my sweet early bloomers tonight, they are likely to freeze their little tendrils off.

This month is going to be heavy on the fam and light on the work but, take heart my little Crankyphiles, May is coming. And it is going to be good. In addition to (hopefully) getting all of the Classic Crankypant styles and sizes back in stock, we are going to be seeing a new line of Spring loungewear and some other sneaky bits and pieces. There will also be a few in stock events going on:

May 7th I will be helping Venus Vanguard celebrate the Moms of the World Wide Web.
May 15th I will be joining the wonderful mamas at Necessitae for a guest stocking.

Also, sometime in mid/late May I will be hosting a big, fat fundraising event extrordinairre in the Crankypants shop to benefit Vance Elementary, where King Henry rocks the Kindergarten set. They had to rip out the playground a few years ago because of hazardous materials and haven't been able to raise the money to replace it since. The structure we need costs $20k and North Carlina does not provide any funds to help schools with playground equipment. My personal goal for this event is $1500. I know we can do it! I already have the beginnings of an amazing donor list, including (but not limited to-we need some surprizes!): Cozy Blue, Tush Cloth Diapers, Little Bear Knitwear, Hibiscus Baby, Dreamseeds, Woolybottoms, Fishy Fishy Quilts, and many more. Starting in May, I will run a feature on each donor to give you more information about these awesome businesses and the mamas behind them.

Have a great Monday!

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