Friday, March 20, 2009

What's the Haps?

Ever have one of those months where you just can't get it together? Yeah, me too. I am hoping to reach the month's goals by the time my folks come into town next week, but...we'll see. Some months are smoove and some are a little more disjointed. I think it is because Spring keeps poking its little head in and making me not want to work!

I know a lot of people have been waiting for an update on the 'girly' Classic Crankys, so here goes! Yesterday I got a box in and crossed fingers as I opened it up. Lo and behold! I saw pink! I will be stocking the girly versions of the Classic Monster Booty and Jolly Roger in all sizes at 8pm tonight in the Hyena Cart shop along with a few regular Classics that came in with them.

Unfortunately, I didn't receive a single pair of Sock Monkey longies (regular or girly) this time around. I know some people are waiting for them so I have in email in and hope to get an ETA for those soon. I also got word that a sample for Classic shorties will be here soon for my approval, so hopefully we'll get production started on those soon as well! WooHoo!

When Nicole got her custom this month, she asked for a twist on the Classic Monster Booty, board shorts with pockets. I put the little monster in there just to show off the pocket, but I liked it so much that you should keep your eyes peeled for pocketed pants with stowaway monsters in the future.

What else has been going on around here? Henry's teacher told me that he was really enjoying drawing bugs with Ed Emberley's bug drawing book. I hopped online to see what other stuff he could help us draw and this showed up on our doorstep yesterday:

It is seriously awesome. Seriously. Look out world, here comes the Henry Kett Weirdo Brigade.

I'm also working on the launch of a fair trade chocolate sale for a fund raiser at Henry's school. This means that I currently have 520 bars of the amazingly delicious Divine fair trade chocolate sitting in my office. I will not eat the chocolate, I will not eat the chocolate, I will not eat the chocolate... If any of my local peeps want to order some, you know where to find me.

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anniebel said...

The little pocket it so cute! I love it!!! We will be picking up a couple of bars of Chocolate next week!