Thursday, January 15, 2009


I was excited to wake up this morning and see the ants had another busy night. Yes, I get excited about ants. I know.

The ants aren't the only busy ones around here, though. Despite an unintended day off yesterday due to a snow day (I should have taken a picture of the pitiful amount of snow they called school for) I managed to get a bit of colorful work done this week. I'm not sure when these are going to go up. I want to do something special for the inauguration day so I might put them up then. Stay tuned.

I also got this great action shot from Dayna of her little man, Mariano, lounging around in his sage skully lounge set. Too cute.

As an aside, all but the 4/5 size of these sets are sold out and I just got word that this super comfy flannel print is no longer available. The few 4/5 sets we have left are available here.


Nicole said...

Are those going up on VV or HC? They are beautiful!

Jennifer Pappas said...

I must have the green! My favorite color!