Tuesday, January 13, 2009


The ants have been super busy since I last updated about the farm. Every morning we wake up to find they have been digging and building their little any hearts out.

We've also been looking up all sorts of new ant information and we found this:

It's a plaster cast of a Harvester Ant (the kind we have) in Florida. How crazy is that? I imagine out ants are going to be pretty peeved when they hit the bottom of our tiny little farm. If you want to have a poke around at the site I found that photo at you can find it here.


Kira said...

This reminds me of the PC game SimAnt (from the makers of SimCity). Have you ever played it? (or even heard of it?) It's super fun (and educational!) The one I had was for Windows 95...so I don't know if it would work on the newer systems...or if they've even made a newer version that would be compatible with Windows Vista.

KL said...

I saw a PBS special highlighting the guy who does this...a prof at FSU I believe. so cool.