Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Sun! The Sun!

As much as I enjoyed spending the past week with my family up north I have to admit that I am so very happy to be home and see the sun again. Oh sun, how I've missed you! It is supposed to be in the mid-60s today and while that probably signals some sort of further collapse of the ecosystem and certain doom, I'll take it. It is perfect timing, too, as one of my old friends from Ann Arbor is making her way into town as I type and I get to go downtown and play tour guide for a few hours while she and her husband are here. WooHoo! I always forget how cool Asheville is until I am showing it to someone else.

I am still considering myself on vacation, but there are a few things coming up later this week that are worth a mention.

Venus Vanguard will be doing a Baby New Year stocking on Thursday the first and I am working on a little something to put up at the last minute.

Also on the first I'll be doing the regular custom lottery from 10am-noon EST via email (info@crankypantshome.com). I'll be doing 3 slots via lottery this month so don't celebrate so much you can't make it to your computer in the morning! I'll also be stocking the few pairs of "girly" Classics I have left.

January custom auctions will be 10am-10pm on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd at the Hyena Cart shop as well.

Finally, check out what Henry got for Christmas from the coolest aunt and uncle ever:

The AT-AP LEGO set, 350+ pieces of LEGO Star Wars goodness that took us about 3 hours to put together yesterday morning. I helped find parts and tell him where some things went, but this is the first set her really put 80% together himself. He's pretty dern proud of himself. Thanks Uncle J and Auntie K!


KL said...

Hey, that's from me too! That....um, grey thing...with the thingies...and stuff.

crankypantsknits. said...

I'm sorry! He knows it's from you, too. I guess I just think of J as the "LEGO guy", lol.

KL said...

no worries, just bustin your chops! Yes, J is the LEGO guy...I do not wish to be thought of as the LEGO girl.

Though some of it must have rubbed off since I can appreciate how you always capitalize LEGO and never commit the cardinal sin of pluralizing with an s...