Thursday, November 06, 2008

Peru and Snafu-They Rhyme!

Alright, my patient little pre-order peeps. I got the box from Peru today. It's kind of a disaster. I don't know what the heck happened on the other end, but something got royally messed up. They have been working to fix it, but apparently something got lost in the shuffle because the order I got bears little resemblance to the order I placed. This is no good for you or me. The major problem is that they sent no Jolly Rogers at all. They also sent no small Sock Monkeys. I think I can fill everything else, first and second choices. I am assuming there must be a "Part II" to this shipment somewhere, but I can't get a hold of my Peruvian contact and I don't want to wait any longer on getting to what I did get in. I am going to go ahead and invoice for what I have. I'll update on the other stuff as soon as I get more information. I'll eat the shipping on anything that needs to be delayed further. I'll also still be willing to refund deposits for those who chose to go that route.

After these pre-orders are through we'll be moving to a new system to make sure this doesn't happen again. I know it's frustrating and I'm doing everything I can. Pinky swear.


Annie said...

Oh no Amy!!! That sounds horrible! I was wondering why my invoice was only for my Sock Monkey pair. I hope the rest of it arrives safe and sound. How bout some Cranky Prayers for ya?

The Family Lawson said...

How frustrating Amy! I hope you get it figured out soon.

IndieBambino said...

what a bummer, its all going to work out though, Im sure there little fingers are being knitted raw as we speak, we should send them some knitters balm!