Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wait List and Pre-Order Update

Hey all.

Once again, my shipment from Peru has been delayed at customs and won't ship until mid-week, putting me behind deadline to get them out to you. There has also been some confusion with the latest pre-order and I am not sure when it will be in. It was scheduled for November 15, but it seems it might be pushed back (I will update as soon as I can). Due to the nature of working with real people halfway across the globe, I have really struggled with streamlining this process and making deadlines. In order to stop it from snowballing and getting worse, and in anticipation of being able to move to in-stock in the new year, I am going to close the wait list for now and give the co-op a chance to catch up and (hopefully) scrape together some in-stock in the near future. Everyone who is already on the wait list will still be dealt with as usual, but no new names will be added until we can work out a shipping schedule that consistently works. I am hoping that with the pressure of a growing wait list off our minds we can deal with the scheduling quickly and set a plan in motion that will make things smooth like buttah in the new year. Thanks for hanging in there with me!

In happier and more exciting news, we are working with a different branch of the co-op to bring you a line of winter accessories and other fun things. These will in no way effect the production on the longies as they are being made by a specialized arm of the co-op, and hopefully they will bring some Cranky goodness while we wait for the longies! I am hoping they will be available next month sometime.

I get my camera back tomorrow, and with that will come a parade of Cranky pictures! WooHoo! We have a field trip to the Sky Top Apple Orchard in the morning and early afternoon, and then it is picture time!!!

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Ashley said...

anxiously awaiting pics!