Monday, October 13, 2008

The First Ever Crankypants Photo Contest!

Here we go!

*You can send your entries to crankypantsknits[at]
*Yes, you can send a picture you've already sent me.
*Yes, the picture should have your wee beastie and Crankypants-the rest is up to you.
*The winner will get on the next pre-order for a FREE pair of Classic Crankypants!
*Feel free to post this anywhere Crankyphiles hang out!

Okay, I think that's all the rules.

Since I am in love with Halloween, submissions must be in by 9am on Halloween and I'll pick the winner at noon. I will post all the entries, though, so if you send in a picture I will assume it means you don't mind the picture being posted online.

Everyone ready?



Betsy King said...

Um, I assume it has to be a photo OF crankypants, right? I don't have a pair!

Joshua said...

How on earth will you pick just one, mama?!

And -- I.SO.NEED that curried cauliflower soup recipe! Can you post it??!

IndieBambino said...

Im on it, went to the park today!