Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yard Sale!

I'm doing some re-adjusting and room making over here at Crankypants World HQ, so I wanted to let you guys know about a few things I'd like to clear out.


I am also no longer going to carry the Hoot Owl long sleeved tee from Harrilu. I am selling the few I have left for $15 each. You can see them here.

Pirates Booty Wash!

This is a good chance to grab some of these for upcoming birthday parties and early stocking stuffers. All Pirate's Booty Wash is now buy one, get one free!!!

Monster Bib Seconds!

I have a few monster bib seconds here- $12 for the snap bibs, $8 for the infant style.

If you are interested in ANY of these things, please shoot me an email at info[at]



marissa said...

Ermm...I can't see any pictures...

crankypantsknits. said...

If you click the link s you will see the pictures ;)