Friday, September 26, 2008

The Joys of Parenting.

You know those parenting moments that make you so proud of the job you are doing-you have the right answers, the magic boo boo kiss actually stops the tears, you spend the day baking warm and delicious organic muffins from scratch, etc.? Yeah. This isn't one of those moments.

Apparently, Henry told his reading coach that I am going to die. The idea that all people die is just starting to click into place for him, so I'm sure what he meant was "My mom is going to die someday a long, long time from now and the thought of that makes me scared". What he did say was "My mom is gonna die", leading the poor reading coach (who is testing him for an accelerated reading program so she doesn't even know him well) to think that this poor, dear child has a mother who has some immediate terminal illness and may kick off at any minute. I can't imagine the context in which this was said and how she reacted to the news. All I know is that she told his teacher, who in turn had the oh-so-pleasant job of asking me if I am indeed on my deathbed. All she could manage was "I thought you looked pretty darn healthy, but I had to ask".

Remind me to buy her lots of chocolate.


twirl said...

Having been the teacher on the other side before...

I once had a little boy tell me that "Daddy wears Mommy's pink panties." I had to tell poor Mommy that she might want to have a talk with young Kyle. Shades of pink all around, I tell ya.

SO glad to hear you're not actually dying. Right now, that is. ;)

Susannah said...

From one mama to another, a big fat hug! Kids, they think and say the darndest things! BTW- glad you were able to find gas- I found some yesterday afternoon- thankfully Gabe was very patient as we waited our turn in line for a 1/2 hour- no easy task for him! LOL Have a good weekend and stay healthy!

Monica said...

OMG! Henry...that is so funny. Poor gal...I'm sure she *did not* know what to do! ;)
As another former teacher-I once had a student tell me **NOT G RATED READERS** that his "mommy's boobies were sucked on for so many years that his daddy didn't like to suck on them so mommy was getting them fixed up". I almost died laughing...and tried hard not to stare at her very beautiful breast job too much. I told her at the end of the year...we could laugh about it then.
So...maybe dying (eventually) is not so bad?