Friday, September 26, 2008

Holy Awesome Pictures, Batman!

Sorry, I have been listening to the dulcet strains of LEGO Batman on the Wii for the past 3 days straight and it is finally getting to my brain.

I mentioned this a while ago, but a little while back I hooked the most talented and wonderful Rebecca from Catchlights NW and the most talented and wonderful Ms. Kimya and Panda Dawson up for a Crankytastic photo shoot way out yonder in Olympia, WA. Can you believe I get to have anything to do with these two amazing women? Yeah-me neither. I just got the disc of photos from Rebecca and if you will pardon me while I let my New England show, they are wicked cool. Capital Wicked, capital Cool.

I know some of you are Kimya fans, so I thought I'd give you a handy dandy link to buy her new kids' album Alphabutt. Just in case you didn't know about it. My favorite track? Little Monster Babies. Go figure.


anniebel said...

Great Pics! They are all great but I especially like the last one! That is awesome!

Holden's Landing said...

I love the pics Amy. I can't pick a favorite, but that third one is too cute!!!

I am tagging you tonight with 7 things meme, a getting to know you type thing. Rules are on my blog if you want to participate. I was tagged this morning.